I am the oldest of three siblings. Our parents were both ministers–my father for his whole life as a full-time calling, my mother ordained in 1989, after our denomination opened ordination to women. Both of my parents have died, but they have left me with a wonderful legacy of faith.

I am also a minister, retired from working in my denomination’s international headquarters–and my husband is a minister as well (and also is Santa during the Christmas season)!

We were married December 28, 1969. That made for a busy Christmas–but he had just gotten out of the service, and we were both educators…so it was either get married then or wait until summer. We have two children and five grandchildren, one of whom died on his 21st birthday (a Marine who had survived Iraq physically but who just couldn’t process the experience). We have had some fun with people’s reactions to our family, since our daughter and I are 16 years apart in age (she is adopted), and she and our son are 15 years apart in age. We also have three great-grandchildren, although we don’t live close enough to them to see them.

I’m a “dog” person–dogs have been a part of my family life since I was a kid. We lost a fur baby in April 2018 and I wasn’t sure how soon we were going to get another one–but a friend who volunteers at a shelter called a few months later to tell us he’d found the perfect dog. We went out to check–and Little Bit immediately claimed me for her human!
Pam Robison and Little Bit

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Pickle, it was wonderful to see you again at CPI. Sorry we didn’t get to do a lot of talking. But i do want to express my thanks for all that you do on the Webboard. I like your website….. cute dogs. God Bless

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