To Be Perfectly Honest…

The title of Phil Callaway’s book intrigued me–and so did the premise. Is it really possible to go an entire year without telling a lie? Any lie?

That’s the challenge that Callaway’s editor put in front of him. Go 365 days without telling even a little white lie.

On his first attempt, he didn’t even make it through two days. So he started again. To Be Perfectly Honest is his journal of his daily experiences.

I found it to be very engaging. I could certainly empathize with the challenges he faced of being completely truthful. It wasn’t easy!

However, sometimes I wish he would skipped over the days when he did not have problems and would have spent more time sharing the days and times that were challenges. They were often pretty skimpy on the struggles he went through.

I found it to be the most honest, though, toward the end of the year as he deal with his mother’s end-of-life issues. Perhaps that’s because I’m dealing with that myself–but his feelings of both relief and guilt really resonated.

This is a book that you can pick up and put down quite easily. The chapters are short–sometimes a little tedious, but when they got like that, I simply put the book down for a couple of days before returning to it.

I’m glad I read it. He raises some interesting challenges with the question of just how truthful we are–and how to be truthful without being harsh. I’m glad his editor gave him the assignment–I don’t think I would have wanted to spend his year, but I’m glad to have been challenged by his experiences.

This book was provided free of charge from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for reviewing it.

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