Life, in Spite of Me

I can’t imagine feeling so desperate about my life that I  would think that that laying on railroad tracks to kill myself would solve my  problems.  But that’s how Kristen Anderson  felt when she was seventeen years old. Things didn’t turn out the way she
expected, though. She survived—but lost her legs. Then she faced a whole new
set of challenges: learning how to live life as an amputee, coming to remember
how she had lost her legs, dealing with the depression that had caused her to
feel that death was the only answer, wondering what the future held for her.
Her story could have been a bitter pity-party story, but she has an incredibly
positive testimony that she shares in this book—a book which is easily and
quickly read. She includes short notes periodically to other young women who
may be feeling the way she did on that fateful day, encouraging them that life does get better. She is an example of  being able to take a horrific experience and allowing God to use it in positive  ways. I don’t know that I would have read this book–Life, In Spite of Me–had it not been provided free  of charge by Multnomah Publishing in exchange for a review—but I’m glad I did.

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