The Fourth Fisherman

The title of this book–The Fourth Fisherman–intrigued me, especially since the cover blurb talked about three Mexican fishermen. But the reason for the title becomes clearer as the book progresses.

Joe Kissack was a man who had it all–money, cars, power, the chance to walk on the red carpet…and yet, he didn’t. He was missing something very important, something that left a deep hole in his soul, but that he didn’t recognize, and that almost destroyed him.

Jesús, Salvador, and Lucio had almost nothing, especially compared to Joe Kissack…and yet, as they survived an incredible ordeal, they discovered that they had one thing that was most important.

These three men, Mexican fisherman, found themselves in an almost unbelievable situation–survivors of a 5-man fishing crew who found themselves adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no food or water. Their families believed them to be dead–until they were rescued by  Taiwanese fishing boat after nine months at sea.

The two stories become intertwined in surprising and unexpected ways as both Kissack and the fishermen find healing and wholeness.

It’s an easy read, a fascinating story, and well worth reading!

This book was provided free of charge from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for reviewing it.

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