Blind Hope

I’ve connected with an intriguing program from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group… In order to get more information out on their books, they are providing me with a free copy in exchange for a review. So…here’s my review of the first book, Blind Hope by Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher.

The subtitle of this book caught my attention…”An Unwanted Dog and the Woman She Rescued.” Usually that works the other way around!

When I first opened the book and started reading the introduction, I began to wonder what I might have let myself in for. Was this going to be another in-your-face “Jesus saves” kind of book? I’m glad to report that it’s not!

Yes, the message is definitely about the healing power in a relationship with Christ, but I found myself not wanting to put the book down. I am a dog lover myself, and following the adventures of Laurie and her (initially unwanted and unloved) rescued dog Mia as they began to learn how to trust was fascinating.

Each chapter was Laurie sharing her growing understandings of how her previous actions had put barriers between herself and Christ–and how she saw herself in Mia, as Mia was having to learn how to trust and how to listen for the voice that would lead her in safe paths.

Check out the first chapter for yourself…

The book is an easy read, and yet it’s one that I think I will find myself going back to re-read for the insights shared.

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