I am disappointed with John McCain…

I have not always agreed–okay, to be honest, I probably really have rarely agreed with his political stances. But I felt he was a man of integrity, a man who took a stance based on what he believed.

I don’t believe that now.

It began to change for me when he waffled on the flying of the Confederate battle flag a few years ago. I could let that go, because everyone sometimes says or does things they wish they hadn’t later.

But the last few weeks of this campaign have really disappointed me.

Sure, I expected there to be some harsh rhetoric–and some major disagreements between the candidates about their positions/actions/statements. That’s always been a part of the American political process.

But to hire someone to work in his campaign whose tactics he deplored when they were used against him…to begin to play the  race card…to imply that Obama is simply not telling the truth about who he is or what he believes…to get down deep into the mud…all this has truly disappointed me.

I probably would not have voted for McCain anyway. His positions are too different from what I believe. But I am truly disappointed that this campaign seems to indicate that when it came down to a choice between standing with integrity for his beliefs or choosing to do whatever it took to try to become president…he took the lower road.