My balance has been off the last few days. No, not my mental balance–my physical balance.

That’s one of the challenges of living with a chronic illness–in my case, MS (multiple sclerosis). While it seems to be largely in remission, if I get too tired / hot / stressed, then the weakness in my legs becomes more pronounced–and I have been tired and stressed the last couple of weeks!

It hadn’t been too bad until we were at my mother’s last night–and then as I was walking down the hall to put a game away, I found myself periodically running into the wall on my right side…and just feeling a little weirdly unbalanced.

I’ve had to resort to using my Amigo and my cane the last couple of weeks. At major events (like I was dealing with last week), I usually use the Amigo anyway to save energy. But I’ve needed it–and my cane–more since then…to save energy, yes, but also to feel more confident and steady.

This will pass–again. It’s just been quite a while since I’ve had to deal with this aspect of living with a chronic illness to this extent. Oh well, I’m still mobile…still working…still able to enjoy life–so I can deal with this as well.