Where is the church? Who is the church?

Many of us are feeling unsettled these days.

Not just because of concerns about the virus–although those are very real concerns that we have no answers for.

But for many of us whose lives have been built around church activities, we’re facing new questions.

Activities are being cancelled. We can’t leave our homes to go to a church building for services on Sunday morning (and any other days of the week we might be used to).

We’re not sure when we’ll be able to get together face-to-face again…when we’ll be able to hold each other tight in hugs…when we’ll be able to mourn together…rejoice together.

And it raises questions for us: Where is the church? and who is the church?

If we don’t have a building and activities to engage in, how do we understand church?

Yes, it is unsettling. But it’s also a wonderful opportunity!

Maybe we’ll find out that church truly isn’t a building…it’s us. And church can happen anywhere…and any time.

Maybe we’ll discover gifts we never knew we had.

Maybe we’ll discover opportunities we were to busy to see before.

Maybe we’ll discover that all those differences between faith traditions that we thought were so important…really aren’t. Maybe we’ll find that we have more in common than we thought…after all, all the great faith traditions have some version of what Christians call the Golden Rule.

And maybe…just maybe…we’ll rediscover our humanity towards each other.

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