Name change

Those of you who read my blog may notice a slight change today. I’ve changed/updated the name of the blog–not a huge change, but the previous name seemed a bit clunky. I mean, it is obvious that this is a weblog, so I really didn’t need that in the name.

But that’s the only thing to change–at least for now. I’ll still be writing from the perspective of being a preacher’s kid (and a minister myself)…and I’ll be writing on a variety of topics.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize that we cannot put the “sacred” and the “secular” into separate little boxes and keep them from ever meeting. What we do in the “secular” world is impacted by our belief in the “sacred”…they are two sides of a multi-faceted world.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very supportive of a distinction between the laws we make and the religion(s) we practice. I don’t want anyone telling me what I can (or cannot) say or do–demanding that a particular religious belief becomes the law of the land.

We are a diverse creation–and out of that diversity we have had different relationships with the Divine…and different understandings. I’m okay with that, because I believe that when we share those understandings with each other, we come to a better knowledge and relationship with something that is far beyond our finite understanding.

Humans like things to be in neat little organized boxes. But life–and creation–isn’t like that. It’s wild…and free…constantly growing and changing, and we can either delight in that or–like people throughout the ages–try to hold change back…and fail.

I delight in a creative and creating God…and look forward to the changes yet to come.