What if we said “I’m sorry”?

Apologizing is hard. I get that. I don’t particularly like having to apologize…

But what if we looked at apologizing as a spiritual practice? .

I think our pride gets in the way a lot of the time. We don’t like having to admit that we might have been wrong about something, especially if that “something” involves our belief systems.

But if someone has ever apologized to you and said “I’m sorry,” how did that make you feel? If you’re like me, it opened doors for reconciliation. It made me feel that they valued our relationship enough to do something that they found difficult. It took away a perception of arrogance.

So what if we–both personally and as churches–were more willing to say “I’m sorry”?

Does that have to mean saying that we were wrong about something? Sometimes. And sometimes that’s a difficult pill to swallow–but a necessary one. If we look back at our history (again, both individually and as churches and countries), there are a lot of times we have been wrong about something. When we’ve acknowledged that, we’ve been able to reconcile…to work on bringing wholeness and healing.

However, when we have stubbornly stood our ground, refusing to admit that something we might have done, said, or believed was wrong, we remain stuck in the past. There’s no opportunity for change.

So here’s a challenge for 2019…let’s put our egos to one side and view our relationships as more important than our egos. Let’s be willing to let go of those beliefs and actions from the past that we’ve hung onto, even though they continue to hurt others, and say “I’m sorry” so we can work on bringing wholeness and healing to a broken world.

I am Sorry Messages