When the thin places open…

What happens when the thin places open? when the division between sacred and secular no longer exists…and the worlds become one?

A new community is created–one unlike any seen before. A community made of people from the varying tribes and cultures of the earth…of people with widely divergent beliefs and perspectives. ..yet a community united in a desire to create a world based on God’s shalom.

That world delights in the diversity of ALL creation. It honors Mother Earth, treating her with respect.

It is a world we dream of…hope for…yet seems unattainable.  But is it?

Why are the thin places so hard to find? so hard to pierce?

Is it because of our fears? our comfort with the status quo?

The thin places are around us and waiting for us–if we open our eyes to see them…and are willing to be vulnerable to who they call us to be and where they challenge us to go.

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