A prayer for my child (and all children)…

As I’ve read and watched reactions to current “hot topic” issues on social media–especially the issues that affect those who are part of the LGBTQ community–I thought about how to react. I have dear family members who are part of that community, and at times I fear for them. I know that there are many whose lives are difficult because of the way others have reacted toward them.

But as a mother/grandmother/sister/aunt…and minister…this is my prayer for all children.

I look at you,
     my wonderful child…
just being you...
and I pray this prayer
     for you
     and all children.
Be true to yourself… trust who you are no matter what someone else says. You are special… you are unique… there’s no one else quite like you!
Be all you can be… you are gifted with gifts that the whole world needs. Don’t ever say that there’s nothing to offer! Your presence… your smile… your singing or dancing… your empathy… your care and concern… all gifts are needed.
Be safe. The world can be a dangerous place especially for those who refuse to conform. Find friends— special friends— who will watch out for you and you for them.
Most of all, my precious child… know you are loved... that you have a home… a place in my heart.

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