Today has been a very difficult day in the life of my faith tradition.

Due to a number of factors–some easily understood…some apparently beyond our control…some very possibly the result of some unwise decisions–many people who worked for my church found out that they no longer have work positions. Others will find out tomorrow.

I’ve been through that–and it’s devastating. Working for your faith is more than just “a job”. For many, it’s a response to a spiritual call–and to be told that there is no longer a place for you because of finances leaves you wondering where your place is.

Relationships will be irrevocably changed…relationships between individuals…relationships between individuals and the institution…and for some, relationships between themselves and God.

Can they be healed? Yes…and the only reason I can say that is because I experienced that healing.

But will they ever be the same? No. There will be scars… The question is, what kind of scars?

There’s a pottery technique known as “kintsugi.” When something is broken, it is mended with lacquer dusted with gold. Rather than trying to make the cracks invisible–to ignore the brokenness–it is embraced and made part of the history of the piece…a way of finding beauty in brokenness.


We are broken in many ways right now. There is much pain…much anger…much despair.

But I hope that through our prayers and support, we can find healing and reconciliation both as individuals and as a faith tradition.

Our histories–sacred and secular–are full of cracks and brokenness. What we do with them–whether we are able to accept them and find beauty in them–determines how we will live going forward.

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