Another day…
another shooting…
just another ho-hum day.

Dear God…
when did we become so used to violent deaths
that we accept it as part of life?

What kind of world have we made
for our little ones just being born?

What kind of hope can they have
for a life of joy and peace?

When will we learn to value life
more than we value things?…
to pay attention to those who need help
before they break under the strain?

When will we realize that our words have consequences?…
that to spew out hate and violence
creates a world where for many
there is no hope?

When will we reach the tipping point?
When will we say “Enough!”?
How many pictures of innocent ones
do we have to see each day?

How can we live with ourselves
in this world…
where there are more shootings than days?

Another day…
another shooting…?
When will we say “Enough!”?