To the least of these…

The lead-off story on our local news tonight was about the children who have been killed this year by parents or caregivers. In some of them, the children have been victims of revenge shootings…or have been caught in the middle when one parent was trying to kill someone else.

But in one of them, the child was killed when the mother’s boyfriend jumped from the bed onto the child’s chest.


Yes, I know kids can get on our nerves. They can be demanding…they can’t always articulate what they want or what hurts…and it’s sometimes difficult to get them to stop crying.

But parents and caregivers are supposed to be adults…and adults are supposed to be more patient. They’re supposed to provide children with the love and care they need to be able to grow up healthy.

I know that doesn’t always happen.

But when and if they can’t, they need to find others to help. Sometimes family members know there are issues and step in; other times they don’t know until it’s too late.

Children depend on adults.

When did we stop understanding that? When did we become so focused on our own personal needs and desires that we began seeing children as distractions?

If we cannot help our children thrive, then what will happen to our next generations?

In my own faith tradition, Jesus tells us that what we do to “the least of these,” we are doing it to him.

What are we doing to him?

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