One country…one world…one people

Over the last several days, I have seen far too many posts and far too many news stories that are built on hate, fear, distrust, and creation of division. It is time for this to stop!

I can’t do it by myself. None of us can. But if many of us decide that enough is enough, then we can begin to make an impact.

I remember one of the first pictures I saw from space–the world, without borders or divisions except those caused by nature. It was a vivid reminder that while I live among a specific group of people in a specific country, I also live with many others in one world.

earth from space

When I bleed, my blood looks the same color as anyone else’s. If all anyone sees is the blood, how can they know what color I am? or what I believe?

I have lived in–and visited–countries other than the one I grew up in. Yes, there have been differences–and some of them have made me a little uncomfortable. But it has also been exciting to learn from other cultures and people…to broaden my horizons.

I have tried to learn languages other than my own. Not very successfully–that does not appear to be one of my skills. But when I have attempted to communicate with people who speak those languages in their language, we have been able to make a connection. That doesn’t mean we have agreed on everything, but when we have attempted to reach out to each other, we have discovered that there is much we have in common.

I have members of my family whose faith traditions are very different from my own. Yet they are as concerned for family, friends, and our world as I am.

I have members of my own family whose gender and/or sexual orientation are different from my own. Yet they are still deeply loved–and valued–members of our family.

Whatever faith tradition we belong to (or none), there is no reason for us to look for ways to divide ourselves from each other. If we do that, we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction.

It is time for us to stop the words of fear and hate. It is time for us to stand up and say “Enough!” It is time for us to look for ways to work together to meet the needs of all people in our world…to take care of our earth.

Whatever country we live in, we are still part of one people…one world.

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