Let’s stop the welfare cheats…

I’ve heard some variation of this statement for quite some time now. And while on the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with this sentence, there are problems with the rationale.

First of all, let me say that I am fully supportive of going after those who “play” the system. However, that’s really only a small proportion.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 90% of government benefits go to people who are elderly, seriously disabled, or members of working households–not to those who are able to work but who choose not to.

Food stamps…another source of “welfare cheats”…right? Wrong. According to the USDA, 76% of households that receive food stamps include a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person. According to the National Council for Children in Poverty, about 22% of the children in the United States live in poverty…and another 23% in low-income families. Are we really willing to deny them the basics of life?

As we are moving into this next political season, I’m hearing lots of talk about “Christian nation” and “biblically based principles”…but our actions sometimes say otherwise. The Christian principles I want to follow deal with taking care of the poor and the vulnerable.

Yes, there will sometimes be those who will take advantage…and we do need to do our best to resolve those situations…but not at the expense of those who are truly in need.