Betwixt and between

I want things to be settled–you know, a place for everything and everything in its place (even though my house doesn’t always look like that!). But that doesn’t seem to be how life works.

We’re in the process of moving from one place to another, and I feel really caught betwixt and between. We don’t have to be out of our current house at any specific time, and we’ve been working on doing some remodeling in the kitchen of the house we’re moving into. I’m glad we’ve got the time to do the remodeling, but I also sometimes kind of wish that we had a deadline when we had to be out of our current place. That might push us a little more to get things organized and packed.

We decided we wanted to try to move in a more organized fashion, and we’re sort of doing that. We’ve moved some of our fragile stuff–boxed it, moved it (and the furniture it goes in), unpacked and put it back on the shelves, and brought the boxes back for more packing. But now we’re at a point where we need to just make a big push to get things moved…and trying to find a really good date to do that is proving to be challenging, since we have a lot of activities and commitments scheduled this next month.

I’ve begun to wonder if that’s a lot like life.

How often do I get caught betwixt and between because I don’t have to be finished doing something at a specific time…and so it just kind of muddles along, while I’m also feeling anxious about being involved in the new thing?

And how often is my spiritual journey like that as well?

I want to move forward…but in order to do that, I’m going to have to make real commitments to leave the past…to not just wait for something to happen. Not easy–but I think it has to be easier than muddling along in the betwixt and between.

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