Getting 10,000 steps…

Periodically I think I really need to focus on getting 10,000 steps a day. There have been numerous reports that say that is the ideal number for maintaining good health. I’ve worn a pedometer at different times to track how well I’m doing…and when I was working, it seemed easier to get closer to that magic number. I could take steps instead of elevators…I could go to people’s offices rather than just call or send an email…and I had  short walk to and from work every day.

Then I retired…and things changed. When I put my pedometer on, sometimes I was lucky to get 2,000 steps.

Then things changed again. I started babysitting our granddaughter. At first that was easy–it was mostly hold her, feed, change, and rock her. But no more!

Anara and RascalNow–at about 10 months–it’s still feed, rock, and change her. But it’s also chase her! She’s working on walking–can walk holding onto furniture or fingers…and sometimes takes a step or two by herself. But her crawling! Who knew that crawling could be so fast?!?! And steps…oh, they are SO attractive!

We sometimes go to the Community of Christ Temple for the Daily Prayer for Peace. She seems to love that experience…but it’s also changing. She’s still quiet–mostly–but she wants to explore. So we are finding time before and after to do some of that.

On the days that I have her, I don’t think I’m really having any trouble getting 10,000 steps! Maybe they should call grandparent babysitting something more like grandma’s exercise time!

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