Do the most toys win?

There’s a saying that I’ve heard a lot of times…the one with the most toys wins. But is that really true?

Sure, it’s fun looking…and buying…and deciding something is truly a need…and buying…and thinking that you really want something…and buying… But then the problems start coming. Where are you going to put everything? You work and work to find room in your house–and when it gets full, you think about buying a bigger house for all your “stuff.” Then somebody has to dust it (unless you decide that dust is really a protective coating!)…and you have to figure out how to walk around all the things.

If (when) you move, someone has to pack up everything…carefully…and then arrange for it to be moved…and unpacked…and arranged…and re-arranged…. And then the process is likely to start again.

If you’re not careful, it turns into hoarding, and it becomes the focus of your life rather than relationships.

Besides, it’s always easier for stuff to get movedĀ into your house than it is for it to be movedĀ out! Once it arrives, it puts out hooks and attaches itself firmly to wherever you put it.

So is the person with the most toys really a winner?

I don’t think so. Of course, it depends on your definition of “winning.” But I think of one of the things that Jesus said–that where your treasure is, that’s where your heart is also going to be. Do I want my treasure to be in my things? or in my connections with people? What (and who) do I worship?