Lives well lived…

There were two memorial services today. Not funerals–but celebrations of life.

The women involved were 30 years apart in age, but both touched a significant number of lives, and that was obvious in the celebrations.

One was my 94-year-old aunt. I wrote about her right after she died, and today was her celebration. One thing about our family–in every situation like this, yes, there are tears. But there is also laughter–so many stories to share! So many wonderful memories! And that was true again today. All of us who were her family had similar memories of her energy, her involvement in life, the ways she touched people’s lives in such a variety of ways–and we all remembered her as our energizer bunny! As we shared, we dabbed at our eyes…we sniffed back tears…and we laughed. Oh, we laughed! And we learned a little more about her–there was a flower arrangement that had been sent by her boyfriend…something we hadn’t known about.

The other was a 62-year-old friend. We had just begun to make connections with her and her husband at a retirement workshop we all attended last fall. But before that relationship could develop, she was diagnosed with the cancer that eventually took her life. She had also elected as pastor right before her diagnosis and was not able to fulfill that function in the way she had hoped to. But despite that, she touched lives. I wasn’t able to attend her service–but friends who were there have said that it was a wonderful service that Joan planned herself. There was sharing…there were children’s moments…there were tears and laughter.

Both women touched lives. They were active in their communities…their church…their families. And both of them truly deserved the praise of “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Thank God for women like Aunt D and Joan.


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