Seeing the world through new eyes

Anara and organ

I’m learning to see my world through new eyes! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know we have a new granddaughter who is now almost 9 months old. She is definitely crawling…and pulling herself up to “wall-walk.” Before long she will be walking on her own.

Now that she is mobile, her world is expanding–and mine is looking very different. I’m having to look at things from her perspective in order to protect her…to make sure she can’t get into cords…to ensure that there aren’t sharp edges for her to fall against…to think about what supplies are under my kitchen and bathroom sinks. And I’m discovering that despite the best we have done in trying to prepare, it’s not enough. She is curious about everything and quite often discovers “treasures” in very unexpected places.

But there’s another aspect to this seeing my world through new eyes that is much more joyful and exciting. She is enthralled by a small stick…or a puppy’s nose…or the feel of the wind on her face. She loves experimenting with what her mouth can do–both in making noises and in making faces. When we go for a walk, there are so many wonderful things to look at. Right now she sees them from the perspective of her stroller, but once we start actually taking walks with her on her feet, our walks will not be as long, but they will be filled with many things that she is seeing for the first time–and because she is seeing them that way, I am also taking time to really look at them.

There are many things I want to do during the day–lots of busy work. When Anara (“Ladybug”) is here, though, most of those things have to be set aside. She demands my attention, and it’s not really difficult to give it to her! I find myself wondering–why does it take that to make me slow down and really look at my world? Why can’t I do it on my own? Why do I think that the things want to do are so important…instead of enjoying the world I live in?

I’ve been watching the TV show “Cosmos” on Sunday nights. While I can’t follow everything, I’m amazed at how much there is we don’t see, and I love the new perspectives that are shared there.

Ladybug does the same for me on a daily basis. Maybe not in as profound a way scientifically…but maybe in more important ways. She reminds me that I do need to take time to stop…look…enjoy…that there is so much more that I have ignored.



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