Love in the abstract…love in the specific

As a follower of Christ, I am reminded (often!) that I am called to love all of God’s children. I nod my head and agree. Yes, that is what I am to do.


linus-love mankind

Sure, I can love those jerks I read about in the newspaper…and I can even love the person in my workplace who snaps their gum. I can love those who disagree with me politically…and those whose theological beliefs I think are crazy.


Can I love the drunk driver whose choice to drive left someone I cared about severely disabled…or dead?

Can I love those who seem so full of hate who picket funerals of individuals I care about?

Can I love those “friends” who left my grandson to die of alcohol poisoning?

Can I love the individual who would tell my gay brother that he’s going to hell because of who he loves?

Can I love the man who raped his 3-year-old daughter? or the mother who sold her daughter into prostitution for drugs?

Loving in the abstract is easy. But it’s in struggling with how to love in the specific that we find ourselves challenged. It’s easy to say that we are all brothers and sisters…children of one Creator. It’s even easy to love in semi-specifics when the “other” isn’t near us–when we don’t have to look them in the eyes.

I don’t have easy answers. All I can do is struggle with the questions and do my best.

lucy-need to be loved