Blast from the past

When my parents died, I was left with the residue that my brothers didn’t want to take to their homes. Much of it has been packed away in boxes until I had time to go through it. I’m not sure when that would have been, but my aunt’s death this last week provided a poke to get to it.

There have been lots of pictures to go through! Many of them are labeled, but unfortunately some are not. I’ve been able to recognize some faces, but others are simply lost in time.

I’ve been busy scanning them and using my photo editing program to make some of them better. And I’ve been sorting them into stacks depending on who is in them…some will go over to the church archives for them to do what they want to with them, because they deal with my dad’s life as a full-time minister. Some will go to my brothers or other relatives…and there are many that have gone into the wastebasket because they are simply scenes of trips my parents took–pictures that have faded badly sometimes.

But as I’ve gone through these pictures, I’ve found some pictures of family I’d never seen before, family that were only names. I’ve seen the relationship develop between my parents…have relived memories of my younger life…have seen pictures of friends I hadn’t though about for years.

What a blessing it’s been to revisit family history! And how great it’s been to be able to edit some of the pictures so that they can be seen better–many of them are still damaged or not perfect in some way, but they’re so much better than they were.

A blast from the past…and it covers history in so many ways–from very early 20th century through family courtships into travels into a divided Germany into life in England through significant church history…what a wonderful trip!

Pam 7-John 1 mo-Don 5-Nuneaton-Nov 1954

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