There’s a good reason for it!

Let me start this post by making sure everyone who reads it knows just how much I love my grandchildren! They’re wonderful!! And I am thoroughly enjoying watching my 6-month-old granddaughter.

But as I am watching her, I am (again!) coming to realize that there is a reason why it’s younger women who give birth–and us older ones often look forward to menopause. There’s a good reason for that change of life!

If the worst came to pass and I needed to step in to raise my grandchildren, I would in a heartbeat! There is no way I would ignore their needs–not if I had any way of meeting them.

And…if I had become pregnant naturally at age 50 (or so), I’d have loved that child just as much as I love my grown children.

But…I’m reminded of a couple of news stories I saw a few years ago of women who intentionally got pregnant at ages 50+ through artificial insemination. Don’t get me wrong–I’m glad that artificial insemination has made it possible for women to conceive who would not have been able to otherwise. But…to want to choose to become pregnant at 50+? No way!! (Not for me, anyway!)

Babies take a lot of time and energy. You can’t just plop them in a playpen and ignore them. They’ll let you know they’re unhappy!! And they need mental stimulation as well.

Now some of that I can do…but I don’t have anywhere near the energy I had when I was in my 20s. So to have a baby 24/7? No thanks…

There definitely is good reason for menopause!


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