New look

Yes, this is still the Preacher’s Kid blog. I just decided that after having been posting for so long, it was time to consider a new theme. Besides, I’ve started a new “career” (retirement), so that also is a reason for a new look.

Life is good…and busy…and FUN! I think I’m just beginning to understand how busy retirement can be, but I’m enjoying it and looking forward to new possibilities. I want to live life to the fullest that I can, because I don’t want to look back with regrets.

Lots to do before this weekend. I have a sermon to prepare about the blessings of community…and they are so many! A friend of mine–who works with the hard-living–posted this on Facebook today:

One of our kids from my church family asked me a very sincere question which came deep from the shadows of her heart in the midst of her silent screams. She have seen older siblings follow different crowds. A couple follow the “streets” causing both to end up with addictions and felonies. She saw another sibling follow the crowd to college and obtaining a good professional career but no longer wanting to associate with his parents and other siblings including her. Then there is her sister only a couple year older but who has no friends and never goes anywhere but school.

My young friend is heading to middle school and teenage life in a few months. Here is her question…

“Mr. Jimmy, who does God want me to hang out with when I become a teenager? Please, don’t tell me it is not a big deal and to just be myself. Everybody picks somebody to hang with even if they just read Facebook. Who does God want me to hang out with? Please help me!”

As always, I did my very best to answer her questions being sensitive to the fear she is facing. BUT HERE THE PART I WANT MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS to know.

Sitting with us during this chat was a teenage boy who have been part of this ministry since he was 3. After I finished sharing my “wisdom” , he says…
“I grew up in the Community of Christ. I know what I’ve learned here. Whoever we hang out with, the purpose is to help those people get on mission to serve the poor and the weak. If they don’t want to be on mission to help people, just know they really still don’t know nothing about life even if they are high honor roll or football MVP.”

This experience happened last Sunday at church. This morning it was on my mind. I was avoiding doing paper work by flipping thru the bible next to my chair. In Matthew 5, I found the answer “for me” about who God want me to “hang out” with and why.
· THE POOR IN SPIRIT referring either to humble people or to those who are broken and have lost hope. Those who feel so excluded they hide in the shadows.
· THOSE WHO MOURN: those who suffer loss and the feeling of emptiness that follows.
· THE MEEK: those who are gentle and refuse to use power over others as a tool to make things happen and often become victim to power seekers.
· THE MERCIFUL: people who willingly surrender their privileges or otherwise go out of their way to improve others’ well-being.
· THOSE WHO ARE PERSECUTED: people whose refusal to give up their quest for justice, peace and truth results in the taking away of their rights, wholeness, or dignity.
WHY HANG WITH THEM? TO help Christ Jesus bless them.

These kinds of people Jesus highlights tend to dwell beneath society’s radar. They often stay out, or are kept out, of public view. They possess little power. Most of us can find no good reason to join these groups. BUT when you on the mission of Jesus, can we seek to hang with any other?

He and the ministry that congregation offer have given so many people the opportunity to have a new look!


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