Being sick

I don’t do “sick” well. To those of you who know me, that’s not really a surprise.

Intellectually I know  that rest is important…but somehow it hasn’t really gotten into my DNA. I WILL sleep at night (although I confess to being a bit of a night owl) and I do take a nap every day (required by living 35+ years with MS).

But when I get sick, taking time to rest and sleep seems such a waste. That gives me such great opportunities to catch up on my reading!

I have to really feel cruddy to just lay around.

Well, I’m there right now. I retire the end of this year…and there have been a couple of major events I’ve been involved in these last couple of months, figuring that once they were over I’d have (ie take time) to relax. I’d been pushing and pushing for quite a few months…I DID take one day completely off and was a little more relaxed the rest of last week…but not enough.

So I’m currently lounging in pajamas…been watching the World Series..and having a few books around me…and trying to listen to what my body is telling me now so that it doesn’t decide to get firmer with me. Been there, done that…and I really don’t want to visit the hospital any time soon!

I haven’t done a whole lot today…did a bit of website work, slept a lot…decided I’m not going to church tomorrow or work Monday…

Maybe after all these years I am finally learning some wisdom. Now where’s my book?!

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