Last night was a scary one for our little dog. Rascal is very brave when he is outside–if he had his choice (i.e., could get out of his fence without his leash), he would go after squirrels, rabbits, wasps, bees, flies… Inside, he definitely lets us know when anything (human or 4-legged) is in his territory…which is as far and wide as he can see!

However, there is one thing that he is terrified of in the house–and when he sees or hears it, he will cower as though his world is coming to an end. That happened last night.

All of a sudden, Rascal saw something fly over his head, and he heard it buzz. That was all it took–he headed for the door to go cower in his dog house outside. We finally got him to come back in when it was bedtime, but he was very tentative about coming inside.

We were just getting ready for bedtime preparation (teeth brushing, showers), when he heard the noise again. We wouldn’t let him go outside…much to his dismay. I wrapped him snugly in the comforter so that he (hopefully) couldn’t see/hear the problem, and he was okay for a few minutes…but only a few. Then it was down on the floor, into the bathroom, and behind the toilet stool–the safest place he can think of when he’s restricted to those two rooms. He cowered there all through Charlie’s shower, looking at him with pleading eyes. We called him into bed with us–no deal! He wasn’t going to budge from his safe place! The only way we got him to come to bed was to physically pick him up and carry him in–and then hold him until he began to relax and feel safe.

So what is this horrible thing that terrifies him in the house? A fly. Yes…a common house fly!

He will snap at them outside…he will snap at (and eat) wasps and bees…but if a fly is in the house, the world is ending!

It seems crazy…and we try to reassure him that he is safe…that we will protect him. But he’s not sure he buys that–at least not until the fly hasn’t been seen or heard from for quite a while.

And this whole incident got me to wondering about myself. What am I afraid of? Is it really something as simple as a fly? Why?

I call myself a Christian and say that I trust God. But do I really? If my fears are the equivalent of Rascal’s “fly” fear, then there’s a disconnect between what I say and how I act.

How is it that Rascal can deal with big things? but a small thing that only buzzes can send him into absolute dread? And me? Well, I think that’s something I need to spend some time figuring out for myself…with God.

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