Cleaning out and making room…

I retire from my current job the end of this year. It wasn’t planned (by me) and my initial reaction was frustration and annoyance…but I have to admit that I’m getting excited now, as new possibilities are beginning to open up.


There is one thing I’m not excited about…and that is clearing out my office! As I look around it, I have 4 more pictures (one very large one!) that I will need to find room for at home, a couple of shelves of knick-knacks (a few of which I will keep,but much of which I won’t)…and 13 shelves of books of various types–that’s almost 37 feet of bookshelves! Some of the books are music/hymnals, but many of them are books I use for retreats and/or teaching.

So…how am I going to clear out and make room for all of this “stuff” at home?

I remember when my parents moved and had to clear out my dad’s office. He had more bookshelves than that…and the process of giving up some of his “friends” was very difficult. I took some of them–and now I’m facing the same problem. It’s not like we don’t already have books at home. We do…probably at least that much (I haven’t counted specifically)…and they’re all full. That’s after sorting and culling once already from our last move.

I wish I had an English manor house library room…or perhaps something that existed in a slightly different dimension that I could walk through a portal into–that looks small but expands to hold everything…for all my books. (Those of you who are Dr. Who fans will understand part of this illustration.)

 Betliar-Library  Tardis

But I don’t.

So I’ve still got to figure out how to clear out what has been important to me…figure out what is still important to me…and where/how to make room for new possibilities. I’m glad I still have a few months to think about it!

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