Tragedy…and prayers

I’ve lived most of my life in the Midwest and am used to hearing tornado watches around this time of year. I also remember my father driving us through the damage caused by the Ruskin tornado in 1957 (before we really understood the need to stay out of those areas). What struck me then was the randomness of the damage…a bathtub left standing on a foundation…straws driven into telephone poles…

But the tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma, yesterday is almost incomprehensible. To see a city almost completely wiped out…and to try to imagine a mile-wide (sometimes 2 miles wide) tornado that traveled 20 miles and was on the ground for 40 minutes…it just boggles my mind.

Extensive damage from an EF4 tornado destroyed cars and demolished structures in Moore on May 20.

It’s always tragic when individuals die in these kind of natural disasters–but it seems even more tragic when children are victims. Current reports indicate that at least 20 children are among the 51 reported dead, and the expectation is that this death toll will rise–including the number of children. It seems that it’s basically one classroom that’s missing.

I can’t imagine the sense of loss and devastation.

It would be horrible to lose one’s house and belongings…but they are simply “things.” To lose one’s child is to lose part of the future…to lose a piece of one’s heart.

Sometimes it seems like there is so little I can do. All I can do right now is hold up the families and rescuers and helpers in prayer…prayers for peace…strength…and yes, even hope.

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