A prayer for peace

God of all people…

Many of us find ourselves weeping today at yet another example of our inhumanity towards each other. Many innocent people found themselves in harm’s way and their lives changed forever because of actions they had no say in.

We pray for them…for peace…for healings–both physical and emotional. We pray for courage  as they start new life journeys.

We pray for the first responders…those who rushed toward danger out of their training and desire to help. They also suffer when they are unable to bring the healing that is their goal.

However, we also pray for the perpetrators.  We do not know what caused them to see violence as a solution to any concerns…or that allows them to see other humans as pawns or as weapons to be used to attain their goals.

We pray for justice, for we know there can be no healing or peace without justice.

May it be so…



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