The truth shall make you free

I’ve grown up with this statement from the Bible–“…the truth shall make you free”–and I believe it. But getting to that point is sometimes so very difficult.

It’s so much easier to pretend that everything is okay…to keep forcing down unpleasant truths and memories. Problem is…they won’t stay forced down. They’ll find ways of making their presence known–sometimes with physical illnesses, sometimes emotional ones…sometimes in inappropriate or unacceptable behaviors.

Sometimes things get buried so deeply in our psyches–because they’re so painful to have to deal with–that they fester for years, kind of like a boil. But eventually the time comes when the boil has to be lanced–whether we make the intentional decision to lance it, or whether it just reaches the point on its on when it has to burst. Hopefully we can make the decision so that we can have at least some control on how the lancing takes place.

It’s a difficult process–and yet, when we finally reach the point when what was hidden finally forces its way to the surface, there can be such a sense of relief. That doesn’t mean that healing has immediately taken place–depending on the situation and how long it’s been buried, that may be a lengthy process. But almost invariably, there’s a new sense of freedom and release, even if one knows that there’s a long journey still ahead.

“You will know the truth…and the truth will make you free.” While Jesus was talking to (and about) his disciples when he said this, it’s a valid statement for all of life. May we all come to know the truth….and then be free!


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