What are we being proud of?

There have been a couple of stories in the news recently that have really made me wonder.

First was the news that Victoria’s Secret (not a store that I particularly care for anyway) has decided to create a line of sexy underwear for young girls called “Bright Young Things.” I am old enough that I have no desire to wear thong underwear or other skimpy underwear with suggestive (almost obscene, to my way of thinking) statements stamped on them. And while young adults may choose to do so–albeit with this mother/grandmother’s disgust–I think it is utterly irresponsible to market that same type of sexually-oriented material to girls who are still learning who they are.

Then there was the news that there’s a new movie out starring some young actresses who have had “clean” reputations…but who are now starring in a movie that focuses on the worst of spring break activities…parents’ nightmares. I briefly saw them on an interview when they all indicated they were “proud” of this movie. Proud? of portraying law-breaking young women in an R-rated movie? of making drinking and unprotected sex seem appropriate behavior?

One would think that we would have learned (as a society) that our “me-first” hedonistic-oriented society has created many problems–with the most recent example being the trial (and conviction) of two young (16-17 years old) high school football players for rape of a 16-year-old who was so drunk she didn’t know what had happened until the next day when texts began to fly…and the number of other people (young and adults) who either saw what was going on or who created that environment and did nothing to stop it or to protect the young woman.

A friend sent me this blog shortly after that trial. Our kids want to know the right things to do, but we’ve been failing them.

What are we teaching our kids? that it’s okay to “objectify” women? that a woman’s main function is to provide sexual outlets for boys/men? that it isn’t rape if a woman doesn’t say “no”? 

What about teaching our girls that they are people of worth? that they have the right to protect themselves? that they need to make wise choices–in clothing choices, in the parties they choose to attend, in the kids they hang out with–so that they can become all they have the potential to be?

What about teaching our boys that they have responsible choices to make as well? that might does not make right? that being “big men on campus” doesn’t give them the privilege of doing anything they want?

Whatever happened to living by whatever version of the Golden Rule your faith tradition teaches? They all teach some version of “doing to others what you would want done to/for you.”

What are we proud of?

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