Best Coin Ever Spent

Have you ever put a coin in a machine and gotten more than you expected? Watch what happens when this girl puts a coin in a street musician’s hat…

Best Coin Ever Spent

Watching this reminds me yet again of the importance of music in our lives. We need it! It speaks to us in so many ways…nurtures our souls…prays for and with us in unspoken ways when we cannot find words…rejoices with and for us when there are no words…

In my last post I talked about what I think it means to become like a child, as Jesus challenged us. That was also a story about music–and children. Watch the children in this video–the absolute joy in their faces…their involvement in what is happening…

We live at a time when funding for the arts is so often among the first things to be cut when budgets are tight. I wonder what those cuts are doing to our souls. What are we missing? What are our children missing?

On Facebook the other day, I saw this picture:

Music is

Funding for music is the best coin we can spend!

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