What to read???

I have a problem. There are too many books and too little time!

I went to the library tonight to replenish my book supply. Monday I have to prepare for my colonoscopy on Tuesday, and I know I will want plenty of choices to read! I came home with about eight more books of various types–there will be something in them to take my mind of what I have to be going through!

love to read. My focuses change, depending on the mood I’m in, but I’m a pretty eclectic reader. I’ve read the classics…mysteries…fiction…biographies…autobiographies…history…science fiction…philosophy…religion… You name it, I’ve probably read something in the category.

But there are so many books!

I’ve been trying to suggest a “book of the month” since 2009. But the longer I’ve gone, the harder it’s become to select just one book; there are so many good ones. If you want to see the ones that have made my list the last few years, you can find them at https://pkkid.wordpress.com/book-recommendations-from-previous-years/.

This year, I decided I’ll continue to do a “book of the month”–and they’ll each have a synopsis/review (but no spoilers). That’s on the right side of the page under the “2013 Books” by the month. But I also found myself curious just how many books I read during the course of the year…so I’ve decided to put down every book I read, no matter where it’s from. Those books will have a very brief description. That list can be found by clicking on the “2013 Books” link. So far I’m up to 20. That’s fewer than I usually do–but there have been a few other things taking my attention so far this year!

I read once that the “secret” of success for kids in school isn’t how much money the folks have…what kind of preschool they went to…or any of the other things we tend to think make it possible for kids to succeed. It’s not even whether they’re read to or not (although I’m sure that can’t hurt!)–but it’s how many books are in the home. Hmmm….

I need a new house…one with a room that looks like this (and there are some other spectacular libraries on this site as well):