This is a season when we should be enjoying the excitement of children…and yet…

The news reports today of another mass shooting. While information is still sketchy, there are a significant number of casualties from a shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut. Children–who should have been in a safe place–instead found themselves running for safety from yet another individual who went on a killing rampage.

Why? Why?

There have been too many incidents like this…too many times when “safe” places have turned out to be anything but safe.

Yes, in each of those situations there have been people who have forgotten about their own safety in order to try to protect others. And yet…there are still shootings.

I am heartbroken for the families who again today are impacted by these horrible losses. Those who have lost loved ones–the students’ families, the school principal’s family, the school psychologist’s family…will have empty places in their homes this holiday season. The students who survived will always carry with them scars from this event. The first responders–those carrying out children and trying to bring healing as well as those trying to make the school safe again–will have memories they would prefer not to. And yes, the shooter’s family is also among the victims–both literally and in other ways as well. His mother is dead as is a brother–and those family members who survive will be asking themselves “Why?”

Were there warning signs? Was there anything that could have been done to have prevented this shooting?

We can debate that question in so many ways–with each of us having our own ideas and own responses.

But for now…I would simply ask that we remember in thoughts and prayers those who are dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy.