Giving thanks…

In the United States, this is the week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving…one day specifically set aside to remind us of the many things we could be grateful for the other 364 days of the year.

So…here are a few of my blessings:

  • Parents who raised me with love–and expectations that in everything I tried, I would do my best.
  • A loving spouse who has encouraged me to grow…to expand my outlook…who has supported me through some significant health issues…who is present for me.
  • Two great children…yes, they’ve given me some gray hairs and some extra wrinkles…but they’ve turned out well and I’m proud of them!
  • A son-in-law and a daughter-in-law who are super additions to our family.
  • Three marvelous grandchildren, even though we only had one of them for 21 years…but they are all in our hearts.
  • An adorable great-grandson! (Enough said!!!)
  • A church family that supports…and challenges…me to live out what I say I believe.
  • The opportunity to work at something I love.
  • The gift of music–the classical music I was taught as a child…the traditional hymns I have sung for years…the new praise songs and hymns that are popping up…the expanded repertoire my son encourages me to listen to…the music found in nature…
  • Friends!
  • Books…ways of visiting places and times I could never do otherwise.
  • The smell of fresh-baked bread…can there be anything better?
  • A warm place to live and enough to eat.
  • People who have the interest and skills to take care of our youth and our aging family members…sometimes their patience absolutely amazes me.
  • Pets!
  • The gift of memories that remind me of so many people and experiences that have enriched my life.
  • The ever-present Divine who constantly walks with me…challenges me…supports me…

How can I not be grateful? Not just this one day…but every day of the year. What would it be like if we truly lived thankfully 365 days a year? Might be an interesting project…

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