My post-election prayer

The election is over…. The hullaboo has ended, and another governing cycle has begun. This is my prayer:


You have created all of us as brothers and sisters…and who called that creation “good”…

We don’t always see that. In our humanity, we find it easy to demonize those we disagree with–and when we do that, we forget that we share similar hopes and dreams for ourselves, our families, and our country.

We want a world where there is peace…where children can grow up in safety, with hope for a future where they can fulfill their potential.

We want a world in which the needs of each one for food, shelter, clothing, are met…a world where justice prevails.

We want a world where no one is left behind…where those who are vulnerable are carried along with us and helped through their vulnerabilities.

The problem is that we don’t have the same vision of how to get there.

God, help us to see that we need each one’s portion of that vision…to understand that each person has something to give to the whole. Help us to see that when we work together, trying to find common ground, we can often find unexpected new ways of meeting our common goals.

Grant us the wisdom to see the humanity in each other, even when we disagree. Give us the courage to stand up for our convictions, but also the willingness to talk with each other and the ability to find ways we can work together for the good of all.

May we find ways of being peacemakers with each other.


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