Trying to understand

I’ve been trying to figure out some logic that seems totally illogical to me.

Here are the premises that are the foundation for the confusion:

  • Abortion is evil and should be avoided at all costs. (I can mostly agree with this statement, although I would prefer to phrase it something like this – “Abortion should be a last resort but should be legal for those times when it is necessary.”)
  • Contraception generally keeps pregnancy from happening.

Those two statements seem complementary to me. If you’re trying to bring the number of abortions down, then reducing the number of pregnancies that might end in abortion seems to be a logical action.

But then this philosophy gets added in:

  • Any form of birth control (for women!) is evil and should not be allowed or covered by insurance. If women can’t afford to pay for their own birth control–if they think they have to have it–then they will just have to suffer the consequences…or avoid sexual activity altogether.


I’m missing something here…apparently.

  • If we agree that reducing abortions is a worthwhile goal, then why is refusing women access to birth control in order to reduce potential pregnancies okay?
  • What about a woman who becomes pregnant through rape? Can she not have the opportunity to take medication that stops the pregnancy before it becomes more than a fertilized cell? Or does she somehow have to “pay the price” for being raped by being forced to carry the results of that rape in her body for nine months?
  • Why is birth control for men okay? but not for women?

It feels so much like the attitude I remember being aware of as a child…. While it takes two people to create a child, the man really doesn’t have to worry about it. Only the woman has to pay the price if her hormones raged out of control…or if her birth control didn’t work (by the way, why shouldn’t the man also have to do something about birth control?)…or if she is raped…or if the pregnancy adversely affects her health…

I just don’t understand the logic. Maybe if men got pregnant, we could have a more nuanced discussion…but I’m not holding my breath.


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