The Wild Goose…

I just read an article in the June 2012 Sojourners that has caused me to rethink the Holy Spirit. The article is titled “Chasing the Wild Goose” and it’s by Cathleen Falsani.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably usually thought of the symbol of the Holy Spirit (if you think of it at all!) as a dove. After all, that’s how it’s usually presented in the Bible…

But this article suggests another symbol–a wild goose. Hmmm…

I see the geese around town quite a bit. They’re beautiful–but they’re also sometimes a nuisance and a bother. They do what they want…when they want…and they’re often noisy.

This is quite different from a dove–which is soft and gentle…quiet…calm…. I think there are still times when that’s what the Holy Spirit is like. At least that’s been my experience.

But I wonder… There have also been times when I’ve felt something/someone calling–loudly and not willing to be silenced…when an idea has flown into my mind and heart when I’m in the middle of something else and not wanting to pay attention to it, but it continually pesters me. Have I shoved the Holy Spirit to one side because it (she?) didn’t come the way I expected?

I think that’s the essence of the Holy Spirit. It comes to us…calls us into places and activities that sometimes we don’t expect…won’t leave us alone but insists on its voice being heard.

Maybe…just maybe…the next time I see a wild goose, I’ll be reminded that I’m called to go on a wild goose chase–following the unexpected call of the Holy Spirit.

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