Now I’m mad!

I usually don’t say much about politics here. I have some pretty strong feelings, but I’d rather focus on other things. However…

I cannot let Rep. Todd Akin’s comments yesterday go unchallenged. Here’s what he said:

He’s spent much of the time since then back-pedaling and apologizing for his “mis-statement.” A mis-statement? Right!

A mis-statement is a word or two that are poorly chosen–not a whole paragraph that basically tells a raped woman that if she got pregnant, then she really didn’t get raped. It wasn’t legitimate!

Just what doctors has he been listening to?

While I agree that the rapist should be punished, unfortunately many rapes are not reported, precisely because of attitudes like this.

I’ve appreciated the remarks from both Democrats and Republicans who have found Akin’s comments offensive. Unfortunately, more often than not, the remarks I’ve heard from the Republican party have tended to be more along the lines of what Akin said–and that whole mindset terrifies me.

How far back into the Dark Ages does he (and others who agree with him) want to send us? He has already gone on record that he is opposed to most forms of birth control. Are women supposed to be kept barefoot and pregnant? and is anybody supposed to be exposed to education that might challenge preconceived ideas? There is panic about countries run under Sharia Law–but is somehow the idea of Christian fundamentalism being the law of the land okay?

I think of the woman taken in adultery and brought before Jesus, surrounded by a group of men ready to stone her. Where was the man? Was he in the group, blaming her? And I wonder…have we really changed that much? I hope so–but then I hear comments like this…and I really do wonder.

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