Joy comes in the morning…

I was thinking about this statement from Psalms last night as I was watching the Olympics. There are several events I enjoy in the summer Olympics–but I especially enjoy watching the gymnasts. They are so flexible…so strong…and so graceful.

Monday night as I watched the qualifying competition for the women’s all-around event, my heart ached for Jordyn Wieber. She had spent years training for the all-around…was expected to be one of the two women from the US team to win–and she didn’t make it. She was 4th in the world and 3rd in the US, but because the rules only allow two athletes from any one country to compete in the all-around, she didn’t make it.

I watched her leave the floor, sobbing her heart out. And I watched her friends and competitors, excited for those who would be competing but also sorry for Jordyn–and unsure exactly how to react. What a sad image… Yet she also issued a classy statement from the locker room, praising her teammates and wishing them good luck.

Last night was so different!

As the US team came onto the floor, they were all smiling and joking–even Jordyn. Yes, they were nervous, but they were also confident. Jordyn led off the competition, and when she stuck the landing on her vault, you could see the team know they could get the gold…and they did.

They are all tough competitors–that’s how they made it to the Olympics. And they challenged each other in the individual events, as they should. But when they needed to pull together and support each other as a team, they did that as well–and joy came in the morning for all of them.