Will they know I’m a Christian?

I was sitting in the Daily Prayer for Peace service recently–it’s a short service my faith community holds 365 days a year in our Temple…one in which we pray for a different country each day (and for peace in the world). There is always a congregational hymn, and one day’s hymn raised the question that is the title of this blog.

Here is a video of the accompaniment with the lyrics–take just a couple of minutes and listen to it. Perhaps even sing along…

And then ponder the question for yourself…

Do I live my life in such a way that my actions will show that I am a follower of the Christ? That I am walking the path of justice…peace…acceptance that he did?

I can talk about being a Christian all I want. But if my actions are in contradiction to my words…well, my dad had a saying that he often used when he saw that happening. “Your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear a word that you’re saying.”

And so…

Will people know that I’m a Christian by the love that I show daily?

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