God hates no one…

I was saddened in the last day or so to hear a young boy whom I know get into an argument with another (homosexual) friend of mine using–as part of his argument–the phrase “God hates fags.”

That kind of language is distressing whenever I hear it, regardless of the age of the person saying it, but I find it especially sad when it comes from the mouth of a young person.

The God I know and worship doesn’t hate anyone. There are things that we do–all of us–that distress God…but from my reading of the scriptures and my experiences with God, I haven’t found anything that says that God hates any of God’s creation. We are created in God’s image–how then could God hate us?

I think I’ve probably mentioned it before, but hearing this statement makes me think of a key song in the musical South Pacific:

Children…the ones that Jesus embrace and called us to be like…don’t know hatred. We adults are the ones who teach hatred of “the other”…of anyone who is different.

When will we learn? When will we learn to see God in the faces of each other? When will we teach our children love instead of hate?

I pray for the day when the song from South Pacific becomes just a remnant of a past that we look back at…and wonder how we could be so blind.


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