Miracles Still Happen

How many times have you heard someone say that miracles don’t happen today? Yes, they do. We just have to open our eyes to them.

They may not always happen like we think they should…or like we expect them to. But miracles are all around us.

I attend a small congregation that reaches out to the unchurched…the hard living…the homeless…those who wouldn’t be accepted in your typical congregation. Some of our members help serve at a weekly community dinner, where many (including a number from our congregation) are able to get at least one good meal. They average about 170 people in attendance.

The Wednesday before July 4,  an announcement was made that there would be no meal there the next week–but those in attendance were invited to our congregational picnic. Yikes! That is normally a casual potluck with hamburgers and hot dogs, fellowship…and then watching the city fireworks. But this year it was going to turn into something else–and we had had no notice of preparation!

We do have an event where we plan on feeding about 200 every year–and we have a couple of months to prepare. This time we had less than a week–and no clue as to how many would be there.

We panicked…and then we prayed…and then the miracle began.

We had offers of help from coworkers, from other congregations, from others who had heard about the upcoming event and wanted to know what they could do. We began putting together a list of the offers and figuring out what we still needed…

By the time July 4 came, we felt prepared. We still didn’t know what to expect…but we were prepared.

It was HOT and we know that probably kept some folks home. But we still fed about 70 people who would not have had a meal otherwise…and we had enough food that everyone felt free to take what they wanted.

And…just like the miracle of the loaves and fishes, we had food left over–food that we will share in a potluck this Sunday.

You can say that miracles don’t happen today–but I won’t agree. I see them happening whenever we step out in faith to touch the lives of those we meet.


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