Room for Mystery…

I lurk (and post) on several webboards and social media groups–many of them related in some way to spiritual “stuff” (although the discussions can take some unexpected turns at times). It’s interesting reading about others’ life journeys…spiritual experiences…questions…perspectives. I may not always agree with them…may sometimes get angry with them. But they challenge my own thinking and help me articulate more clearly my understanding of my own journey and my own relationship with the Divine.

Having said that, though, I have to admit that there is one perspective that I just cannot wrap my mind around–and that’s a perspective that I’ve seen in some folks that leaves absolutely no room for mystery…or Mystery. If it can’t be explained in a rational way, then it’s thrown out.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with rational explanations! In fact, there are times when I believe that rationality is what is required in figuring out a course of action–or even, sometimes in trying to understand scripture better.

However, to live in a world in which there is no room for Mystery baffles me.

I have had experiences that have no rational explanation. Not unless you consider me to be mentally ill. And I might agree with you if I went around having those experiences every day (or several times a day). But I can count probably on less than 10 fingers those experiences–and that’s out of 60-plus years. I don’t think that suggests a diagnosis of mental illness.

When I look at the world around me, I see Mystery. Yes, I know there are biological explanations as to how flowers grow…but why do they grow in this specific place?

There are explanations for the origin of species–but why the variety? and the color?

When the sun sets in all its glory, I know that some of the colors can be logically explained–but isn’t there Mystery behind how they touch us?

And the universe…the ever-expanding, ever-growing universe! We like to place ourselves at its center, but we’re actually only one very small planet in one very small cluster in a universe that–to me, anyway–can’t be completely explained. When I look at some of the photographs of it from NASA, I find Mystery…

A world without Mystery? Not for me.