The Power of Small Things

Because I have MS, I need to take a nap everyday–and so part of my office furniture is a small love seat that I curl up on.

Today as I curled up, I saw a small bear that has been sitting on the back of the love seat for a couple of years–long enough that I had really forgotten about it.

LC Bear (Elsie) came to my office anonymously during a time of great personal difficulty. Some decisions had been made that affected my job responsibilities, and I was not handling the situation well. My concerns were valid ones, but because of the hurt, I lashed out in ways that did not allow those concerns to be heard appropriately. I was struggling with whether there was a place for me in my workplace and in my church, since they were interconnected.

I remember coming back to my office one day and finding Elsie Bear sitting in my chair. There was a tag attached to her arm–a personal tag–and it said:

LC Bear #39 comes to remind you that You are in God’s loving care. Jesus knows your concerns at this very moment and he holds you close to Him. He cares deeply for you and he is mindful of the sacrifices you make to be his disciple in this time & place. Relax in his arms & let him be your guide.

I still have no idea who sent the bear my way, so I’ve never been able to say “thank you.” At that time I so desperately needed to know that someone cared…that someone understood what I was going through–and LC Bear, a small white bear with pink hearts on it, gave me that message and let me begin the long journey toward healing.

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