Circle of Life

Recently I posted about how my mother is slipping away bit by bit. However, we are also celebrating the start of another new life!

Our first great-grandchild has just arrived on the scene–a little boy. He came to a family waiting anxiously for him and excited about his arrival.

This Sunday we will all be getting together for a visit…and on the agenda are picture-taking sessions. We have already told my mother that she is taking a road-trip (it will be about 45 minutes away)…that she is to wear something comfortable but pretty–and we plan on taking some 5-generation pictures.

Five generations!

It’s been a while since we’ve had that many generations still alive in my family–in fact, it’s been since I was a teenager. So this will be something special.

As we are celebrating this birth, I am reminded (again) of the song from The Lion King that precipitated the title of this post: