Signs of Spring

There’s a song we sing fairly often in our congregation titled “Signs of God.” It begins “There are signs of hope…signs of God” and goes through a litany of everyday events that–if we are looking–show us signs of God.

I’ve been thinking of that the last couple of days. How open am I to seeing signs?

Sunday night, when I was walking from the parking lot to my front door, I noticed that the buds of the magnolia tree (at least I think that’s the kind of tree it is!) were beginning to open. They’ve looked kind of like pussy willow buds for a while–but now the white blossoms are beginning to open up for their brief life.

The last couple of days I’ve heard birds singing as I took my dog for a walk. I realized that the mornings have been quiet for a few months–except for the sound of the wind. We haven’t had much snow, but the birds haven’t been around, either.

This morning, as I looked out my kitchen window, I can see that the daffodils are just about ready to pop open. By this afternoon, there will probably be lots of blooms, and I’ll pick some to have at work as a reminder.

There are signs everywhere–if we open our eyes to them. They don’t have to be supernatural events…they can be ordinary, everyday sights and sounds. But if our eyes are open, they can guide us to the coming of spring…and to God.