Anxiously waiting…

This afternoon I went to a shower for our soon-to-be-born-great-grandson.

Great-grandson! I can hardly believe it!! I don’t feel old enough to be a grandmother, much less a great-grandmother! But it’s coming…and we’re all anxiously awaiting.

There’s something about the birth of the next generation that is a harbinger of hope…hope that the world will continue…hope that there’s a reason for living…hope that maybe they’ll “get it right” where we (as older generations) have messed up…hope for special relationships.

I knew only one of my great-grandparents. Gram Wiley was still around for much of my childhood…but she didn’t live all that close, and I saw her mostly when she came to visit my grandmother (her daughter). At the time she seemed OLD!

But our great-grandson is going to have several sets of grandparents…and it may be a challenge for all of us to have as much time with him as we would like! (His paternal grandma–who lives the closest–is really, really excited.)

We have about a month to go…and when he comes, you can bet there will be proud grandma pictures showing up! Until then, we’re waiting…